Session 6 – Changing the Rules

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In this session we will explore the proposition that large corporations exert too much influence over the “rules” that govern our society, and that they have caused “risks” to shift from the broader society onto the backs of individuals.  With a vision of a new economy (Sessions 2 and 3) and strengthened community ties (Sessions 4 and 5), we are equipped to engage in social action to rewrite these rules.  We’ll discuss what types of action this group is interested in.

Looking ahead, Session 7 will lead us to a discussion about whether and how we will continue to meet and work together.


  • Understand that a “risk shift” has moved economic security from government onto the backs of American families, and that this shift has been significantly influenced by large corporations.
  • Identify possibilities for social action.


Opening (30)

Activity 1:  The Risk Shift (15)

Activity 2:  The Power of Large Corporations (20)

  1. Introduction
  2. Small Group Discussion
  3. Large Group Discussion

Activity 3:  Social Action to Rewrite the Rules (45)

  1. Where Do We Stand?
  2. Our Experiences
  3. Possibilities for Social Action

Closing (10)