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Visualizing the Future – 2040

It’s 2040 in the United States, and the changes over the past 30 years have been dramatic. Things began to unravel in 2008, when the US economy took a first hard hit, followed by the economies of much of the developed world.  After a bumpy ride through the next decade, it became clear that peak […]

Homework for Session 2: Inside Job (Optional)

The movie “Inside Job” tells the story of the Wall Street meltdown of 2008.

Homework for Session 4: Ideas for Mutual Aid

Gather ideas for mutual aid projects through one of three ways. Your facilitator may choose just one of these for everyone, or ask different people to read different pieces. Visit the web page https://shareable.net/how-to-share and browse the many ideas for “sharing” things, time, skills and more. Take note of any that interest you to share […]

Bartering and Time Sharing

The Common Security Club Network has developed a one-session introduction to organizing a bartering system or time bank.

Activity: Personal Financial Makeovers

Individuals simply ask the facilitator to set aside time (20-60 minutes usually) to focus on a particular problem, decision or dilemma.

Organize a Pink Slip “Mixer”

Pink Slip Mixers are hundreds of professional, mid- to upper-level executives who are (might be) victims of the “economic downturn” of 2008.

Organize an Underemployed/Anxiously Employed Support Group

In some communities, folks who are unemployed or anxiously underemployed maintain an ongoing club to support one another.

Book: Agenda for a New Economy

Read Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth, by David Korten, (Second Edition, Berrett Koehler, 2010).

Session 1: The Phantom Economy

Part 2: The Phantom Economy Our economy is going through a fundamental transition.   We had economic growth based on borrowing.  That is over.  Over the last couple decades, the fastest growing part of the economy was “finance” (banks, lending, investments).  According to experts, fantastic amounts of wealth were created.  But how much of this was […]

Session 6: The Emerging New Economy – Summaries of Korten and Schor

ATTACHMENT 6-2 Read Aloud Living In A New Economy   From David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy We do, in fact, have the means to create an economy that fulfills six criteria of economic health.  Such an economy would: 1. Provide everyone with the opportunity for a healthy, dignified, and fulfilling life. 2. Bring […]