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Organization: On the Commons

The organization, On the Commons (www.onthecommons.org) is a terrific resource of educational tools, articles, books and information about the commons.

Session 5: Jay Walljasper, “Fork in the Road: City of Cato”

ATTACHMENT 5-6 Read Aloud Fork in the Road:  City of Cato Excerpt from Jay Walljasper:  State of the Commons 2035, Notre Dame University Magazine, Summer 2010.   … The rediscovery of the commons prompted people to think more about what really mattered to them. This cultural shift can be seen most vividly in a town […]

Session 5: Three Stories of the Commons

ATTACHMENT 5-5 Read Aloud Three Stories of the Commons First Reader:  Water Water is one of the most ancient and important commons we have.  Do you have memories of a favorite swimming hole or spring?  Did you grow up watering a vegetable garden or playing in the spray of a hose?     From communal wells […]

Session 5: Examples of the Commons

ATTACHMENT 5-4 Examples of the Commons     Water                                               Downtown Air                                                     Public Health and Sanitation The Airwaves                                  Shakespeare National and Public Parks             The Oceans Sidewalks                                        Quiet Genetics                                          History Seeds                                              The Night Sky Blood Banks                                    Social Security Community Gardens                      Crafts Bees                                                 Scientific Knowledge Jazz                                                  Folk Tales Libraries                                           Mass Transit Artistic Traditions                            Neighborhood Groups Fire Departments                            Non-Profit […]

Session 5: What is the Commons

ATTACHMENT 5-3 What Is The Commons?   The Commons is the vast wealth of natural and human achievement that we inherit together and have an obligation to pass on, undiminished, to future generations. The Commons is like a river with three tributaries: nature-based, culture-based, and community/societal.  The natural commons includes air, water, seeds, and biodiversity.  […]

Good News About Your Net Worth by Jay Walljasper

Let me offer some good news about the state of your wealth. Sure, the 401(k) tanked, the house lost a big chunk of value, and things are looking shaky at work.  Indeed, the Federal Reserve recently reported that Americans all together lost $5.1 trillion during the last three months of 2008 alone. But what you […]

Dry Run: Bostonians Learn to Appreciate Clean Water

Boston’s “water drill” raised questions of how we might respond to more serious disruptions in water, food, and energy systems.