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Communities & Banking: Resilience Circles Born in a Struggling Economy

by Sarah Byrnes, Institute for Policy Studies Communities & Banking, a Publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Fall 2012 Think back to September 15, 2008. Lehman Brothers had just crashed. No one was sure what it meant. Would other banks go too? Would the economy unravel, even collapse? In the midst of the […]

Resilience Circles help Communities Recover from Extreme Weather

With many Americans only recently recovered from extreme weather, transportation challenges, and power and communications outages, some explore ways to strengthen local circles of support

You Are Here: The Oil Journey, by Post Carbon Institute

Changes in the landscape of energy may well trigger a whole new journey for humanity. The legendary actor and narrator Peter Coyote tells the story of our oil journey.

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course

The Crash Course is an excellent resource which will provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face. Videos are broken into chapters; watch the 45-minute Intro with your Circle, and consider meeting to watch the rest together. Click here for the Crash Course: https://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse

For Real Change, Build Relationships: Resilience Circles & Occupy Wall Street

“We take care of each other, and try to truly hear each other,” Travis Bonpietro says of Occupy DC. “In a way, it’s like a giant Resilience Circle!”

Reality TV’s “Stories of Stuff”

If you’ve missed reality shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and American Pickers, then you’ve missed a fascinating front in the expanding “new economy.”

Parents Desk: Market Mayhem

Lisa Sylvester posted the following article about Resilience Circles to Parents Desk: Market Mayhem You know the Eric Carle book the Hungry Caterpillar-  On Monday he had one apple. Tuesday he had two pears. Wednesday he had three strawberries…. That’s what the stock markets have felt like this week- like watching a hungry caterpillar eat through […]

The Sustainable World Sourcebook

Roadmap to a Healthy Future — the Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen The SourceBook enables people to get up to speed quickly with what everyone needs to know, given what’s a stake now. It provides a sweeping overview of the major global issues we face, realistic solutions, and actions that we can take to […]

August 6 – Providence RI Workshop: Resilience Circles and Time Banking

“Resilience Circles” are small groups of 10 – 20 people that help strengthen community ties during this time of economic and ecological challenges.

A Strategy for Coping with Unemployment

Joblessness has increased to 9.2 percent. But a new strategy has emerged to adapt to unemployment and hard economic times: groups of people helping each other in Resilience Circles.