Using the Introductory Session


The goal of your organizing may be to hold a 90-minute Introductory Session. This Session is designed to give people a taste of the benefits of being in a Resilience Circle without requiring any commitment from them. It’s participatory and gives people a chance to share the ways the economic downturn and ecological changes are touching them. After the session, many of the participants will hopefully sign up to attend or form a Resilience Circle. Alternatively, you may not need to hold an Intro Session, if 15 – 25 people commit to forming a circle without needing to.

Click here to download a detailed suggested agenda for your Introductory Session (Word). Click here to download the optional PowerPoint slides (PPT).

If possible, identify your facilitator and line up the dates your circle will meet before holding the Session. Also, try to hold the Intro Session the same day of the week that your circle will meet, i.e., hold it on a Tuesday if you’ll be meeting Tuesday evenings.

It’s also okay to set up the circle’s meeting dates after the Introductory Session so that you can better asses the availability of your potential participants. Keep in mind, however, that a lag between the Intro Session and Session 1 may cause you to lose people. Keep things moving as quickly as possible.

For most organizers, the hardest part is finding people to come to your Intro Session, and ultimately, your circle. We address this challenge here.

Once you have scheduled an Intro Session, tell us about it at Resilience Circle Network! Submit this form (Word) or email us at [email protected]Please submit the location, date and time of your session to us via the web, email, or snail mail. With your permission, we will post your event on our website and in our e-newsletter. This is a great way to reach folks in your area who have already expressed interest in joining a circle. In any case, please let us know about your session so we may have it in our records.

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